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Doss Estates's Story

The parents of physically and intellectually disabled children, Gerald and Darlene Doss, dreamed of a haven where people with disabilities could live comfortably. In 2002, the couple turned their dreams into a tangible reality. The husband and wife created a place that would allow individuals with disabilities to live in a community setting while continuing to advance their talents and skill sets.

The Doss’ goal was to provide the opportunity for individuals with disabilities to have a safe and loving place to call their own. Doss Estates is a great place to call home.

We strive to make the community and surrounding areas a better place for everyone and are constantly searching for ways to serve Pittsylvania and the surrounding counties.

Our philosophy

At Doss Estates, Inc. we believe that all people have needs, wants, interests and talents and deserve to be treated with equal respect. We strive to provide individuals with a strong, positive, community centered place to live

The motto

"Your independence, your choice."

Our purpose

Our purpose and goal is to provide the positive and necessary support and an equally positive, community centered life for our individuals. Our focus is to assist in any way possible in order to lead to a successful and self-confident individual.

With staff support individuals are afforded the opportunity to live comfortably in a community where they can build adequate living and social skills.

The mission

Doss Estates, Inc. works hard to promote and protect the rights of all individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities. We build on self-help skills and hone the talents that give individuals the chance to live as independently as possible.

Our Outcomes

Here we strive to set goals for the business and the individuals. Our main goal for the individuals is to provide them with a wide range of activities, tasks and projects that will function to promote self-worth through positive encouragement. Doss Estates, Inc. participates in the community whenever possible to enhance the sense of belonging, and help educate the public of our mission.​


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