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Home Openings

Marie's Cottage

Has three individuals with one opening.

Gerald's House

Has two individuals with an opening for one male individual.

Dora's Legacy

Has two individuals with an opening for two more individual.

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Darlene received her certification to train direct care staff in 2005. She earned an associate degree from Danville Community College, and furthered her education with classes from Wytheville Community College. Darlene is also a trained instructor in Therapeutic Options.

LaVerne, LPN-EMT-B, retired from Goodyear as a nurse, and has been the president and EMT-B with Climax Volunteer Fire and Rescue for more than 20 years. She teaches American Heart CPR and volunteers at Annie’s House in Danville. LaVerne is also qualified to administer Medication Administration Training classes.

Sandy Alexander

Darlene Doss

Doss Estates, Inc. is a licensed residential facility that is a family oriented business which promotes a sense of pride and accomplishment. We encourage individuals to help plan meals, assist with cleaning and numerous other day to day living activities required to efficiently run a home. Residents are also encouraged to participate outside of the home as well as by volunteering in the community to help build social skills and new friendships.

Sandy is the Qualified Developmental Disabilities Professional (QDDP) at Doss Estates and is responsible for serving as each individual’s primary advocate for their treatment, training and services. She conducts active supervision for the individuals’ care plans to promote quality training and assistance in self-help skills and individual talents to live as independently possible.

LaVerne Worley

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